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Bat Trying To Re-enter Excluded Area In Hernando County Home

Bat Removal & Control in Hernando County can mean many things. Whether it be bat removal from in the attic, soffit, or wall, we specialize in it all.

All In One Wildlife Removal

Our, local to Hernando County company, tries to be as transparent as possible with our services and pricing. We recommend only the services that are necessary to our customers. If you have a problem, we will tell you how we can fix it. If you don’t have a problem, we will tell you that you don’t have a problem. Continue reading to learn how we do bat removal in Hernando County.

How We Remove Bats From The Attic & Soffit

There are many unique situations when it comes to removing bats from the attic and soffit in Hernando County. Removing bats is usually a straightforward process.

Our Straightforward process of removing bats from the attic and soffit:

  1. Find the areas the bats are going in and out of the attic from the roof and soffit.
    • Soffit is the most common area bats will use to enter into the attic in Hernando County.
    • Look for any openings the size of a pen tip that would lead into the attic.
  2. Inspect the attic to see where the bat activity has been.
    • Most of the time bats hang in soffit and won’t move into the attic unless they’ve been there for more than a few months.
  3. Place a bat one-way valve on the most used entry point.
    • Make sure you cover any area a bats can fit through. Bats can fit through any area about the size of the tip of a pen.
    • Bat one-way valves should stay on the entry point throughout the next 7-14 days.
  4. Seal all other entry points besides the one with the one-way valve.
    • Check the entire property for any other areas bats can get into.
    • If the entire property is not sealed correctly, the bats will relocate to another area on that same property.
  5. Once the bats are evicted, remove the one-way valve and seal the remaining area.
    • Check attic for any signs of bat activity.
  6. Once the entire house is sealed, we remove any reachable bat guano and sanitize the attic and entry points.
    • This removes a lot of the bacteria left behind by the bat guano.
    • This also removes the bat scent or pheromones from the attic and entry points.
Pricing For Bat In Attic Removal In Hernando County

Pricing for removing bats in the attic starts at $300.00. Contact us for more information.

Necessary Steps For A Successful Bat Removal.

  1. Make sure the necessary amount of one-way valves are installed.
    • Bats cannot move very far. Wherever there is an active entry point, a one-way valve must be installed for a successful removal.
  2. Bats are protected during their breeding season from April 15th-August 15th.
    • During this time, even if an entire attic is filled with bats, you must obtain a permit with FWC to remove the colony.
    • It is important to get any bat removal done before or after these dates.
    • Preventative bat work is best to avoid being stuck with a colony during these times.

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Ann Tripi
Ann Tripi
The team from All in One Wildlife was extremely professional , pleasant & very understanding about our concerns & they were very fair & upright.. The situation was taken care . They did solve the issue. Within days. .And they were very discrete with no Advertising of their business on their very vehicles. I would recommend this company. ,
Lauren Durant
Lauren Durant
Fast and thorough! Steve came by today and did a great job. He was very polite and worked quickly. I highly recommend!
Albert Oracion
Albert Oracion
They were prompt, reliable, and honest. After full inspection of our attic, it was discovered no wild life were present. We were provided areas to address to prevent animal access. We would definitely recommend them for future service!
Kenneth Mendenhall, II
Kenneth Mendenhall, II
Trey was great, and helped me evict a DEADbeat tenant from under my house. Thanks!
Helen Loew
Helen Loew
These guys are amazing. They are more than helpful thorough and do a fantastic job. My next door neighbor saw my new skirting and is having his done. Thank you Trey and Eric, you guys are amazing!
Mario “Meatball” Mario
Mario “Meatball” Mario
Trey was a hero! I called and he showed up within the hour. Climbed in the attic heat of the day and went to work and I wanna say less than 5 minutes the man spotted my rat snake in the attic buried in multiple inches of Insulation. He grabbed it with his bare hands and held on tight and brought it outside. He even gave my son a lesson on snakes!
Barb Hebert
Barb Hebert
Very pleased with “All in One Wildlife Removal” as they quickly responded to our request to find the critters in our attic. Trey was prompt, knowledgeable and courteous. He inspected the attic and all outside areas of entry, sharing photos of areas of concern. Trey obviously knows this business and effectively assured us of a positive outcome. Trey, Steve and Eric then executed a plan that included setting traps as well as sealing areas with silicone and/or mesh. Trey checked back weekly and finally fumigated the attic to sanitize and repel repeat visitors. Trey even took the time to advise a friend of mine in Colorado regarding her mice invasion! Good people that we can highly recommend!
Bob Krouse
Bob Krouse
Great experience with All In One. Quick service, very knowledgeable and kept us informed every step of the way. I could not be more satisfied. They were on time, answered every question I had,explained what needed to be done and did it efficiently and effectively. Add the fact that they were friendly and fairly prices and it was a great experience. We will sleep better tonight and every night thanks to All In One. Have a pest problem call All In One first!
Mark Magliocco
Mark Magliocco
I highly recommend this company. Steve is professional and extremely thorough. If you have a critter crawling around, he will find it!
Elizabeth Barnes
Elizabeth Barnes
Trey and Steve were extremely thorough. Said they could take care of the problem and they did! Call them, I promise you won’t regret it.

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